Caring For Your Air Conditioner Unit – Tips and Tricks

An air conditioner unit can be costly, especially if you buy a central air conditioner from a well-known brand. This is why it is important that you know how to take care of it. An air conditioner is not something that has to be cleaned everyday. However, it is important to keep it clean regularly to ensure maximum efficiency and performance. Doing so will give you air conditioner a longer life span, which in turn will save you money since you do not need to replace the unit often.

You should know some important tips for caring for it. You should not try to be an expert and clean the machine without any knowledge. This may cause more harm than good to the unit. If you want to know some important tips for maintaining an air conditioner, you should check out the following information. Always clean the part which is located outside your house. This is called the condenser. This is only applicable for central or window. Try to remove the dust using a feather duster or soft cloth. Clean off any large dirt debris like dead leaves, stones, and so on. This will keep your unit efficient 冷氣機邊隻牌子好.

If you can feel that something is not right with your air conditioner, you should immediately contact a repair person or company. Make sure that you call someone who is an expert in fixing these. Again, do not act like an expert when it comes to these things. It is better to leave everything to the professional and pay the fee than to fix it yourself to save money and to find out later on that it is broken again.

Follow the instructions written in the manual carefully. You should know how to properly use and clean the unit. Just this simple tip can save you hundreds of dollars from repairs and replacement. Take advantage of the item’s warranty service. If the damage is covered by the warranty, bring the unit immediately to the service centre. They will fix the problem for free as long as it is sill covered in the warranty period.

The three biggest complaints when it comes to air conditioners is underperformance, high noise levels and high cost of operation. Truth be told, these are often related issues and are surprisingly common problems that stem primarily from poor installation, maintenance and operation. The good news is that they are often remedied through simple, quick and cheap fixes.

First off, be sure you install your air conditioner on the shadier side of your space — The cooler air on that side will help in the heat exchange process, so it won’t have to work as hard. This is a free fix that will save you dollars in electrical costs! That said, make sure you aren’t installing your unit in a place with restricted or hindered airflow.
Creating a tight seal around where a unit meets the hole in your wall or the opening of your window is crucial for effective cooling. Weatherstripping is cheap and easy to apply (some are actually magnetic) and is easy to find at a hardware store. Use it.

Insulation is your friend. Be it the koozie around your beer or the pink stuff in your walls, you can’t have too much of this good thing. If you’re a renter or simply don’t have access to the nooks and crannies where insulation would go and are installing a window unit, our top tip would be that those cheap accordion wings on the sides of your unit are almost worthless. You are better off picking up a piece of foam board available at almost every hardware store and cutting it to custom fit the gaps on wither side of your unit.

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